He's good but not great


Since EL James published her infamous trilogy the comparison between the male lead and myself have been drawn regularly. After finally watching the movie I must admit that while there are a number of similarities, both brilliant, successful, charming, and breathtakingly handsome. What I lack in his billions I certainly make up for in other areas.

Christian Grey isn’t single because he’s 50 shades of fucked up its because he’s terrible with women. I’m all about the treat them mean keep them keen approach but this lad is taking the piss. He tells Anastasia “I don’t do romance” like its some earth shattering revelation. Talk to 95% of women after Valentines weekend and if that’s the only criteria to be a mysterious romantic role model then Ireland is teaming with them.

The first mistake Christan makes is that he comes on too strong. When Ana rings him drunk at her end of semester party, he should play it cool. He’s just got the green light that she’s into him, drunken calls in the middle of the night are considered the height of romance in many places. Yet what does our hero do, bursts in like an irate caller to Joe Duffy upset that someone somewhere is having fun. We all have a creep on Facebook to see if the girl we fancy is checking in anywhere on a night out, but how did Christian find her so fast? Stalker alert.

Another dating no no is trying too hard. I’m all for treating a lady well and making an effort but taking a helicopter to dinner that’s just showing off. Fair enough he’s a billionaire so that’s like getting a taxi instead of asking one of the lads to drop you to a date. It’s the gifts that I have an issue with. The car, the laptop, the first edition books, the problem here is setting the bar too high too early. The gifts are quiet thoughtful which shows he was listening to her, that’s ok at the start but she’ll be expecting that all the time.

Ultimately Christians biggest failing in this movie is letting the little head think for the big head. He lets feelings get in the way and ruin what could have been a perfectly nice relationship. A common mistake too many guys make and really should avoid. They say “Tis better to have loved and lost than never loved at all” well if they had been more clinical in their approach a great deal of hardship and heartache could have been avoided and I’m not just talking about the audience that had to endure the movie.


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