Botox, a simple safe beauty treatment or a shameful, risky vanity indulgence. Talking to the majority of my friends it would appear to be the latter. When it came to getting Botox, like every decision making process in 2017 I threw the question into a trusted What’s App group. The reaction was an overwhelming “don’t do it” but the reasons for the negativity were less that reasoned. Botox has a worse reputation than Mayo in All Ireland finals, but unfairly so as I discovered.

The first thing that gave me confidence was who was doing the treatment, Dr Martin Small a practising dentist. The practice is very modern and stylish, it gives you confidence that he’s doing well. All these things add up if you’re nervous going in. To be honest I wasn’t that apprehensive, the area I was getting treated is very low risk and botox has become almost mainstream of late.

Any questions that I did have were answered by Martin and he explained the entire process to me. First there was a numbing cream put on the area for treatment and left for 10 minutes, after that the botox was injected in 3 places on each side. I’m not going to lie this was perfectly fine for me, a tiny prick (the injection not me) but I understand some people hate needles so be conscious of that if you are considering a treatment. It’s 6 injections in your face, is looking better worth that? For me, absolutely yes.

That was it, very straightforward, I went for lunch with a friend and she genuinely didn’t know I had anything done. There was no bruising or swelling and as I was told before the treatment the botox takes a few days to take effect.

A lot of friends were surprised that I actually did it and the main reason was “you don’t need it”. While crows feet were never a major issue for me, I’m not getting any younger and as a major fan of skincare I really saw the potential benefits here. Essentially you are pausing the ravages of time, you are paralysing the muscles in the specific area for a prolonged period there for saving them for a while at least.  For me its preventative, by starting now while my skin is in good condition and maintaining that its better than having a face like a melted candle except for the obvious areas of work.

The amount of people that sent me private messages or asked me questions about getting the treatment shocked me. Even more the amount of people that contacted me and get it done regularly but don’t tell anyone about it was amazing, all of whom without exception said it’s the best thing they ever did.

It hasn’t given me movie star looks over night, but I can honestly say I feel better about myself since the injections. Am I going to get addicted and start getting a different treatment every few months, absolutely not. Would I recommend it for everyone; if something makes you happier about yourself, then absolutely go for it.

Big thanks to for inviting me in to try this treatment