As we head into the new year its time to look forward to the new style and fashion trends in store for us lads. Depends on who you listen to the beard has had its day but I’m not so sure. As we look at the year ahead the big sporting event is the rugby world cup. Last year the soccer version inspired a catalogue of copycat looks. Only natural with soccer players, image conscious young men with time and money on their hands, will rugby players experiment the same way? Unlikely but you can expect beards to remain popular…. Looking at the Golden Globes last weekend, the trend is still alive and well among the Hollywood elite. Jamie Dornan, Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Jake Gyllenhall all sported very stylish facial fuzz. I wasn’t feeling it for Matthew McConaughey or Jared Leto who were a bit scruffy for they gig they were attending. When you’re as cool as those guys you can do what you want but the beauty of a beard is its versatility, grooming is easy and can be dramatic. We can’t discuss famous beardies without giving a nod to Conchita Wurst who maintains the perfect 5pm shadow at all times.

If youre looking for tips on how to grow and maintain your beard its hard to beat