Putting your cards on the table Stand out or sit down. In life good things rarely come to those who wait, you need to be proactive and smart to succeed. In the world of dating I have all the required skills down to a fine art most of which, when you think about it, are also very applicable in other aspects of life.

A lady that’s had the pleasure of my company isn’t going to forget that experience any time soon, as a business it’s vital to leave clients feeling the same way….well not exactly the same but you know what I mean! It’s crucial to create a positive and lasting impression, that’s why I have decided to invest in business cards and would recommend any of my blogging friends who are serious about their craft to do likewise.

The world we live in is saturated with messages, particularly online ones. If you’re talented enough to get your blog or site noticed don’t waste the opportunity but letting them away without a tangible reminder of you and your brand. I find excellent new blogs, pages and accounts every day by accident it’s easy to forget or lose track of even the ones you really enjoy. Our lives are becoming increasingly lived online, but nothing will ever beat the personal touch. Getting a meeting which a potential client or partner can’t be beaten, one way to leave a lasting impression and improve your chances of a follow up meeting is by handing them a high quality business card before you part ways.

The business card is a fantastic asset for bloggers in particular. Seeing your card in their purse or wallet is a subtle subliminal reinforcement. Like a good camera or networking events it’s an investment which I assure you will pay for itself in no time. The card should represent the brand, my card is going to be cool, sexy and informative, three words which equally describe me.

Business cards aren’t just for creeps to hand out in bars, smart successful business people are acutely aware of their benefits.

I have ordered my business cards from www.castleprint.ie  they have been terrific supporters off the Into the West Bloggers Network and are one of the most efficient local businesses I deal with on a regular basis…….