Anyone that follows me on social media will be well aware that I am a big fan of aftershave. As my collection grows so too does my interest in different and scents and brands. I’m not the kind of person that sticks to one fragrance for a while, I like to have a selection suitable for a whole host of occasions. Like clothes aftershave’s are worth investing in however you wouldn’t be long spending a fortune as you grow your collection.

Theres a solution to this an its an Irish based company. are an Irish company established in 2014, and they recently very kindly sent me a sample box of their products. The concept is fantastic. Sample size containers of fantastic brand help you diversify your collection and it’s the best way to test a particular scent to see if you love it or not. With great brands such as Tom Ford, Hermes, Davidoff and Paco Rabanne, there’s something for everyone. I like to have a couple of them in the car as they are handy to store and you never know who you’ll bump into.

The ladies have an even wider selection and again they are extremely convenient for carrying on a night out when a top up is required.

Make sure to check out to see the super selections.

And never forget my top tip when it comes to applying aftershave lads:

Applying fragrance is a bit like drinking beer: a little makes you feel sexier and more confident. A lot and you appear loud and shouty. A skinful and you’re like a pothole, everyone tries to avoid you.