There are certain rites of passage that we all must endure, often they can be the making of a person and teach a valuable lesson. Like the first time you get caught in bed with your girlfriend’s best friend or looking for a place to live they can be a draining, upsetting yet educational experiences. Recently I have been scouting for a new domicile and it’s got me thinking. The similarities between looking for somewhere to live and dating are actually remarkable when you think about it.  

First of all it’s very difficult to get anything decent in Galway lately and accommodation is a disaster too. We spend ages trawling though online sites, scrutinising the photos, arranging to see the best only to be invariably disappointed when viewing in person, same with house hunting. When you’re young you just want to satisfy the basic needs you’re not thinking long term, anything will do really, looking back you cringe with   embarrassment, likewise some of the kips I’ve lived in make you feel the same. Its only when you’re pushing on a bit do you give serious consideration as to whether you can see yourself in this for the rest of your life, the same decision you need to make when buying a house.


The initial viewing generally allows you take make a quick decision whether you are interested or not, once it’s clean, warm, accessible and hospitable chances are you’ll ask her out again. If a house ticks the same boxes chances are you’ll probably move in. I have gone to view places that have the sink stacked with week’s worth of dishes, that’s like turning up to a date in a football jersey. Another no no is a sprawling knoll of local papers slowly accumulation beneath the letterbox, showing a lack of interest in current affairs and basic cleanliness, two criteria which I also look for in my dates.


The viewing process like dating can be repetitive also, where do you work, why are you moving on, do you cook, have you any pets, are you a screamer? The questions that are the first few queries fired at you upon crossing the threshold are generally covered in the first hour of a date in my experience. We are always being told that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, not to judge a book by its cover; this of course is nonsense. If a house’s exterior looks shabby and unkempt, it’s unlikely that the interior will be any different, that’s if you actually bother giving it the time of day.


The key to looking is to know what you want and to take your time searching. There’s nothing worse than ending up with a miserable, unsightly, old fashioned, run down, abomination of a girlfriend.


Remember folks don’t hate the Galway Player hate the Galway Game…..