Recently on the national broadcaster I was described as “The Mother Theresa of Dating” by the distinguished presenter Chris Greene. I’m not one for exaggerating but the way I have touched the lives of many single women in this great city, I think it’s a remarkably astute comparison. My latest project whereby I take hopeless cases on dates, critique these distressed damsels with the ultimate goal making them more appealing dates, is making Galway a better place to live date by date.  

Some of the key tips that I give to ladies include;


Find common ground; if you can find fault with something in your environment that isn’t overly serious it will help to bond you. A shared experience will create a psychological attachment which will help bring you closer together on the date. It’s important to pick something light and trivial nobody wants to go to dinner with a moaner, save that for the next date.


Go easy on your make up; in my professional opinion makeup should be like a referee, if you don’t notice it, then its doing a good job. If a lad is fighting the urge to wet his finger and write WASH ME on her jaw, she might need to tone it down a bit. Guys are visual creatures, we like to mentally undress you, (not in a creepy way) but having to mentally wash your face to picture what you’ll look like in the morning is far too much effort for most guys.


Outfit selection is paramount; dress for the venue but with a feminine and fun style in mind. If you’re showing too much cleavage it can be off putting to certain guys. It’s not that they don’t appreciate a beautiful figure, but the strain of not looking can be almost too big a distraction, all of a sudden the lad becomes and incoherent buffoon. Now all that’s going on inside his head is “Don’t stare” a “don’t push the button” situation and ultimately ruins the date.


And most important tip is, relax; as I tell all my clients dates are to be enjoyed. It’s a break from the monotony of most people’s lives. You have the potential of meeting the person you will love and adore until your dying day, or more than likely you could have a great story for the What’s App group with the girls. “Be yourself”, is the mantra I repeat religiously, obviously we all lie on first dates but if you have genuine intentions stay true to you. If you’re really boring or not funny he might as know sooner rather that later and hey some guys are fine with that.


It would be selfish of me not to share my gift with those less fortunate I suppose, to quote the great lady herself “Its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” I think we all know exactly what she meant there……


Don’t hate the Galway Player….hate the Galway game.