Taking care of your football boots generally involves belting them off the ground before you stuff them in your gear bag until the next game or if you’re precious bringing them into the shower for a wash. You rub the muck off; fill them with yesterday’s paper and you’re good to go. When you arrive to training on Tuesday, they’re clean-ish. Not caked in muck like most of the lads but there’s still that film of dirt that you couldn’t see on Sunday that’s lingered. In fairness you did clean them, made a better effort than most of the lads, but a real clean takes more. Does this remind you of anything else anything more significant, sure my World Cups are important to me, but my face a big deal too, not just because it’s ridiculously handsome. There’s cleaning, cleaning and then there’s cleaning.

A couple of months ago the lovely Elaine in Chez Elaine  , gave me the DermalogicaExfoliating Face Brush  to review. I was delighted to have the opportunity to give this a go as I was about to buy the Clarisonic which I had heard rave reviews of but from a practical point of view the manual brush would be a better start, plus more guys are likely to give this a go than forking out for the far more expensive Clarisonic.


Dermalogica is brand that you may not be too familiar with as it is only sold in salons. They see skincare as a health issue as opposed to merely cosmetic, it’s only sold by licensed trained professionals who can best advice you on your actual skincare needs.

So, yes it looks like a big toothbrush, and I get the odd smartass overnight guest saying “I know you have a big mouth but that’s taking the mick” never gets old. What I like about the brush is that it ensures you give the entire face a proper cleaning. It’s best to use a foaming cleanser; I use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. All too often it’s just a splash of water or sticking your head under the shower, but like the football boots this simply isn’t enough to remove all the dirt from our skin. Even I have noticed my pores have got smaller since I started using the brush. Have a really close look at your skin in the mirror, the larger the pores the more likely it’s a sign of a build up of dirt, this is why using fine soft bristles is a necessity.

Knowing your own skin type and adjusting the products you use accordingly is essential, but with the brush it’s great for all skin types. This brush is ideal for men in particular, bearded or clean shaven. It stimulates circulation and helps to prevent ingrown hair, which lets be honest is never nice.

My recommendations are;

  • Every guy should have one
  • Use in 2-3 time in the first week so that your face becomes accustomed to it, building up to daily
  • Use a foaming cleanser
  • Keep away from under the eyes, this area is incredibly sensitive and requires specialist attention.
  • Clean the brushes thoroughly after use.