The poor old English get blamed for a lot of things in this country, most unfairly but some is justified. The Irish were a randy bunch back in the day until Queen Elizabeth and the gang stopped all the fun. Then the Catholic Church subsequently got in on the act and made sex something to be ashamed of. The thing that created us, one of the most special and enjoyable experiences we can have, was made shameful. They might as well have said tea is bad for you too and just ruined the whole country.

When the folks behind approached me about becoming a brand ambassador I jumped at the opportunity. Its time that we started being more mature and open about sex in this country. I want to destigmatise the conversation about adult products. Half the country will be going to see 50 Shades this weekend but are too embarrassed to admit it. In my years discussing dating the tone was always tongue in cheek but what I did intend and hopefully in someway achieved was to simulate conversations. If a few friends were in a car and heard my thoughts on first dates or dating apps, agree or disagree with me hopefully they talked about it together. There is no real dating culture in Ireland primarily because we lack the confidence as a nation. Watch First Dates Ireland and tell me I’m wrong.

Sex can toys have a bad reputation; they are normally sold in less than salubrious surroundings, down an alley way or in a dodgy part of town. Jade Dalton is a classy stylish website with top quality products. There’s no shame or embarrassment in a couple checking it out. I’ve always said that anticipation is one of the greatest of all human emotions, the process of ordering and receiving your order all adds to the fun of the purchase. The packaging is naturally discreet and high quality.

The pieces are investment pieces, I have tired a number of the products and they are top quality, look after them and they will last you for ages. For the weekend that’s in it why not check out and treat yourselves for Valentines weekend.

I am a brand ambassador for Jade Dalton, I received no payment for this blog and decided to do it after satisfactorily assessing the products