Being single is a lot like Brexit, its’s confusing, you wish everyone would shut up asking you about it and despite all the important dates so far nothing has changed. When it comes to dating it just needs to be right once which is more than most of the British politicians ever seem to achieve. With over thirty billion matches to date Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world right now so here are my top tips for swiping right on Mr or Mrs Right!


5 Write a bio, in theory Tinder is  possibly the most shallow of all ways to meet a partner but attractions is an essential part of dating. Clearly if you’re on Tinder other methods haven’t worked for you. Cosmopolitan recently surveyed some female Tinder users and discovered that they're 98% less likely to "swipe right" on someone if they don't have anything in their bio. It’s a conversation started if you get a match, a few well written titbits can be as effective as a great profile picture. It gives you the opportunity to avoid the old “hey how are you” opening gambit.


4 Good quality photos – I shouldn’t really have to include this but flicking through profiles of both sexes (it’s important to know what I’m up against) the standard in this country is rather poor. From basic things like a dirty lens when taking this photo to unflattering angles you are asking for a left swipe if you don’t make an effort. You don’t have to be a supermodel and please don’t filter the bejaysus out of your pics so that your date doesn’t actually recognise you in person but given the standard of camera phones today a poor profile photo is inexcusable. Some tips are picture one should be a relative close up of your face, a second should be a full body image, (fully clothed for God’s sake lads) other photos can be conversation starters, travel, hobbies friends. Lads remember the more pictures the more chance of getting a match. Women get on average 20 times more likes that guys so to avoid a deluge of message they are much more thoughtful when swiping right, given them something to work with. 


3 Don’t over swipe right – Tinder is watching us believe it or night. We all know that Instagram and Facebook have algorithms that determine how many people actually see our posts, well Tinder is no different. If you swipe right on every single profile or left 100% of the time your profile will be suppressed meaning less potential partners see it. The sweet spot is 30% to 70% so it’s rather generous but worth knowing at the same time. Interesting other factors which determine your success on the app according to sources is your rating, it is believed to your attractiveness on the site. This is calculated based on the percentage of people who like you and the percentage who you like back. Apparently once we have our rating we are shown to others at our general level for example a “7” will be show to “6”and “8” but not lower and higher. I find this difficult to believe in Ireland given the population size and based on experience but is possible in larger countries

2 Message your Matches - Another factor determining your visibility on the site is your messaging rate. If you constantly match people and don’t messaged them that’s a black mark. What’s the point in being on the site if you’re not at least going to chat to your match, it’s like training all week and not showing up for the game on Sunday, pointless. We need to stop over thinking dating in the country, match, chat, ask out. I always tell girls I’m not looking for a pen pal, good as technology is nothing beats meeting in person. That is the only way you can truly tell if there is a connection. Meeting for a coffee is no big deal, we are all busy but if you have time for Love Island all summer you have time for a quick date that could literally change your entire life.


1 Give it a go -  it’s 2019 we do everything else on our phones, why not meeting your perfect partner there. There’s no shame or embarrassment in it any more, it’s not just a hook up site for teenagers, it’s a legitimate and viable way to meet someone. People often complain to me that there are no single people around, or if there are they never see any of them out. Well if your going to sit on the couch every night watching the soaps at least this is giving yourself an opportunity. Identify the type of partner you are looking for and be mindful of this, is distance an issue, I don’t want to meet the girl of my dreams only to discover she lives in Belfast so my setting are adjusted accordingly. Similarly you might not want to meet a gym bunny when you’re on first name terms with the pizza delivery guy.


So there you have it, my top Tinder tips, best of luck and remember if you’re not in you can’t win.