For some ladies the thoughts of having to buy Christmas presents for her other have can be trickier than pretending to like his female best friend. I have to admit I can’t understand how you’d ever be stuck for a gift for the special one in your life, do you ever listen to eachother? The last girl I dated I kept a note of every item she mentioned that she’d love in a folder on my phone, she had expensive taste so it probably best that didn't last.  Buying great presents can be a mutually very beneficially practice, lets be honest you could by yourself some sexy lingerie and tell him it his gift. With the millions of choices of gifts available there’s no excuse for poor presents but if you’re struggling ladies here’s a few tips to keep him happy.


Blazers – Every guy should have a decent blazer in his wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a simply navy fitted blazer. Its such a versatile garment and pretty complimentary too hiding the love handles and beer belly unlike slim fit shirts or t-shirts. I’m a currently amassing a decent collection, some of which should come with free condoms as you’re guaranteed to impress when you wear them out. River Island have a top selection of balzers at the moment.


Books – Always a safe bet and a way to keep him quiet when you’re watching the mind numbing brain cell killing nonsense that most women seem to love watching. There’s something for everyone in the shops at the moment with some amazing titles on offer, Roy Keane, Shane Curran, Paul Galvin, Brian O Driscoll, Anthony Daily, Kevin Bridges, Stephen Fry are just some of the names that would interest most guys not to mention; Pat Divilly’s Naked Paleo and Crona Esler' Unless By Invitation  the critically acclaimed Shift and Drift by yours truly


Shoes – One of the first thing a woman notices about a man is his shoes. If other ladies are checking out your hubby why not make sure he does you proud. Many lads still have runners and work/wedding/funeral shoes. I always cringe seeing a guy in a decent outfit ruined by the wrong shoes. Pick a pair that accentuate some of his favourite ensembles.


Watches – I’m a firm beliver in making your own luck and don’t believe in superstitions. I mean a bird shitting on you is supposed to be good luck??? A rabbit’s foot is a sign of luck….really? Not for poor Bugs it wasn't. Anyway given the way that society has evolved and more specifically the used of mobile phones nice watches are as much jewellery as anything else. A sophisticated timepiece gives an air of class and elegance and can accessorise any outfit. Check out some of these cracking watches


All of the above are solid and guranteed to go down a treat and can start off reasonably priced but if you want to think outside the box, 2015 see's the Rugby World Cup which is being hosted in England (kinda) Most of the games aren’t sold out and after Ireland's excellent form in November getting to see one of the games in the flesh could be a once in a lifetime experience. Ireland face Canada in Cardiff in September, Romania in Wembly Stadium on Sunday 27th September or you could even make a weekend of it and take in the mighty All Blacks against Gorgia on Friday the 2nd of Oct in Cardiff. A gift he’ll love and you get to go with him.


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