Let’s be honest; in Ireland today you are never any more that fifty feet away from a blogger. Following the myriad of beauty bloggers on social media can be draining but occasionally beneficial. A few months ago I came across Niamh from on twitter and her company Holos Skincare from Nature. I’m always on the lookout for new products to review especially Irish one’s, it always helps when the person behind the company is a hot blonde.

Holos Skincare is based in Wexford (one of them counties you’d nearly forget we had, it’s the Rob Kardashian of counties, unless it blows up you wouldn’t hear much about it) and they hand make products with essential oils. It’s all natural and ethical and all that, given my diet I’m not going to pretend that matters to me but it is a consideration for others and has to be respected. There’s no animal testing either obviously but in fairness who’s to say they wouldn’t enjoy some face cream or to exfoliate every now and again. Cats might like it, they’re really clean and I bet they’d love the smell….now I’m picturing Niamh putting some face cream on a cats paw and miming a rubbing movement. (You wouldn’t get a review like this from Pippa or So Sue Me)

The website is excellent and I found out that my nearest stockist was the Evergreen Healthstore on Shop Street in Galway. I picked up the Face Wash and Face Cream, it’s great to see that they are thinking of us lads.

The ingredients of the face wash include from Sandlewood, Patchouli and Benzoin with extracts of Aloe Vera. Sandalwood which comes from the same family as mistletoe and will definitely help you get the same result as its botanical brethren. The soft, warm smooth, creamy scent is manly and outdoorsy, men will love it and so will the ladies. I was impressed with the longevity of the top notes, ideal if you have a passionate night of cuddling ahead. The Benzoin has vanilla notes which help to reduce skin inflammation and is a natural fixative which means it helps the scents to flourish.

The Face Wash lathers on very nicely and leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling great, I can’t emphasise how much I like the scent and the response it gets from people. Its not too far from the amazing Espa hand wash in the G Hotel in Galway, I sometimes go in there for coffee just to wash my hands, the fusion of bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood is incredible. The Face Cream is quiet thick and I supposed due to the fact that I have a big head I need a few pumps to adequately cover my face, but it absorbs easily and doesn’t leave you with a shine or greasy look.

The men’s products are one range of seven all available on the company website, after meeting Niamh on a recent trip to the West I have no doubt this company will go from strength to strength and be one of the go to products for the beauty savvy.

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