Regular listeners to my slot on iRadio with Fergal Darcy may be aware that I was approached by one of the main political parties to run in the local elections. It makes sense, a dearly beloved public figure, the voice of my generation blessed with wisdom beyond my years. I offer fresh approach to politics, kissing babes not babies, turning up at weddings not funerals, Irelands answer to Bill Clinton or Silvio Berlusconi. Unfortunately due to the high likelihood of sex scandals I decided it was best to pull out early, in true Galway Player style.

On reflection the comparisons between running for election and perusing a woman are interesting. Both require self belief to muster the conviction to put your hopes and happiness in the hands of others. You need to present the best possible version of yourself when seeking your vote or a date, it doesn’t necessarily have to be even close to the real you, merely a publicly acceptable one.

Guys could learn a lot about dating from closely watching the current campaign. Looks obviously aren’t everything, some of the posters look like the before shots for a Plastic Surgery’s website. Desire and self believe can overcome countless deficiencies like charm, honesty or any kind of charisma.

My political and romantic ideologies are pretty similar, as Machiavelli once said, “the end justifies the means”. To impress you need to tell her what she wants to hear, like in politics its ok to massage the truth, last weekend alone three different girls in Galway we’re my first ever one night stand. The Irish voters, like the single female population have unrealistic expectations, so to meet them, instead of explaining the reality of any given situation; it’s just easier to lie.

The media; both mainstream and social, assess and analyse each candidate and their opinion can have a remarkable influence in the outcome of a campaign. In dating, the ‘media’ is her friends, and believe me no stone is left unturned when it comes to vetting the new man on the scene. They will be your best friend at the start, but trust me, one wrong turn and they’ll ruin you faster than you can say Sean Gallagher.

It’s a crazy, unpredictable, vicious, illogical area. If you’re sure it’s for you and you can deal with the abuse, criticism and tireless work then go for it. I gave it serious consideration and know its not for me at the moment, but if a relationship’s for you, go for it.

Don’t hate the Galway Player, hate the Galway Game