Last Saturday began like most others, the familiar after affects of the previous nights antics more painful than having to sit through an entire episode of Made In Chelsea. Waking in unfamiliar accommodation bleary eyed I began to absorb my surroundings, apparently that Barbie has hit hard times and is now doing interior design in the West of Ireland. Worryingly, this particular ladies dresser contained more products than Cara Pharmacy website, so I though it was only right to leave with the image of last nights beauty in my mind as opposed to waking up a bird with a face like a melted bollard.

Later while relaxing in mine, I was scrolling trough twitter and enjoying the banter on Soccer Saturday. I often imagine myself in the Jeff Stelling role, my mates making up the panel. In my version the lads are watching security cameras from the pubs and clubs in town. “Great build up play there, looked like he had to score but he fluffed it” “Dreadful stuff here, nothing for the crowd to get excited about” “She’s a bit like Liverpool very impressive up front but very suspect at the back”

One particular tweet stood out on my timeline that afternoon, the variable social media typhoon @GalwayHour had tweeted something about a West of Ireland Bloggers Networking event, I gave the organisers the benefit of the doubt, assuming my invite got lost in the post. After a small bit of research and a couple of DMs one of which received an extremely enthusiastic response I decided it was only fair to grace this event to meet some of my peers. How bad could it be; Afternoon Tea in the G Hotel and hopefully a few decent birds.

My arrival, as anticipated was greeted with a great deal of excitement, the host the wonderful Sinead aka @yummymummyfl made me extremely welcome. The event was very relaxed and enjoyable, obviously the sumptuous surrounds of the G Hotel lifted spirits but I loved the energy and passion of the group. As someone that appreciates fashion I loved hearing about the experiences and opinions of these terrific ladies. In fact I’ve been inspired to make a conscious effort to share my thoughts on the types of threads that help me attract so many ladies.


Blogging has been a terrific outlet for me, using my talent to improve the lives countless singletons makes me feel like Adi Roche without the trips to Chernobyl. Sure sport is the most important pastime man can have but to be fair I can’t recommend blogging enough. If you chose a topic you love, then its never a chore. Sadly I have had the misfortune of reading some blogs so woeful that those responsible should be sent to do hard labour as far away form any internet connection as is humanly possible. On the whole they can be brilliant fun and who knows where the journey will bring you. For some it may entertain your close family, for others it can take you on the bus to Galway to meet the man of your dreams….See you Saturday Princess

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