As 2015 slips on her little black dress after last nights frolics and scurries to the awaiting taxi knowing deep down that she’ll never get that call she was promised, we can lie back in the bed dreaming of what the New Year has in store. New Years Resolutions normally last as long as a full charge on an iPhone, however since everyone seems to have made them here are a few pointer to improve your love life in the New Year.

Have a good hard look at your wardrobe; maybe get one of the lads that’s just that bit too in touch with his femine side to help you. Nobody has cash to be throwing away but especially in January there’s excellent value to be had. Clothes make the man, a few new jeans, shirts and jackets which can be mixed and matched to rejuvenate your look make you stand out from the forest of check shirts around you. Here’s another tip lads it’s not illegal to own more than two pairs of shoes.

I would recommend that if you’re serious about dating in 2016 that you should approach the start of the year like a GAA team. The hard work put in now could lead to a glorious summer. Competitions such as the FBD league and the O Byrne Cup are used by county teams to experiment and try new approaches and people in new positions. If these trials go horribly wrong it’s no big deal and you move on a more experienced outfit. Similarly with women; a bird that would struggle on a soft pitch just like a bouncing ball, can be great to help you improve your confidence and abilities once the standards of your opponents improve. Aim low and gradually build yourself up to a level where you’re not afraid to take on the best around.

Staying on the GAA theme, you have to admire our neighbours up the road, it’s no wonder so many Mexicans (Mayo people) have taken some of Galway’s finest talent because of their hopeless optimism. Time after time they dare to dream only to suffer crushing disappointment yet this doesn’t deter our green and red friends and before they cross they Shannon on their return journey talk begins of the aspirations for next season. In the big bad dating world we need to be more like Mayo fans, sure we all experience heartbreak and knock backs but you can’t let that stop you from trying to get your hands on Sam….or Samantha or whatever her name is.

Gym memberships always shoot up at this time of year, while some people are wasting money it can genuinely be the making of you. A healthy body is a healthy mind; you don’t have to be one of the posers that go to the gym just to look at themselves in a mirror. Toning up a bit and losing a few pounds can be a great confidence booster plus you can drop into any conversation with a bird that you’re just going to/ coming back from the gym. Think about it no bird wants some fat mess wheezing and sweating all over her while he’s giving it socks, and if she doesn’t enjoy dancing with you there’s no way she’ll want to sleep with you.

Nobody knows what the future holds; my plan is stay positive, lie back and enjoy the rides.

Don’t hate the Galway Game Hate the Galway Player…….