To say that I go on a few dates is like saying that there is a bit of football on TV at the moment. Through my journey becoming an elite dating aficionado I have inadvertently become something of a food connoisseur. Galway is blessed with numerous excellent eateries and a fair few below par ones as I have discovered whist entertaining the upper end of Galway single female population.

My most recent dining experience was genuinely one of the best. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this was my first visit to the renowned Quay Street Kitchen. It’s not often that the Galway weather permits al fresco dining, apart from eating a snack box at 3am in Eyre Square. Watching the world go by on a balmy summers evening playing spot the Galwegian (tougher than you’d expect) is a rare treat. Once seated we surveyed the menus handed to us by the extremely professional and friendly waitress.

The selection certainly had something for all pallets and was very fairly priced too. I went for the seafood chowder to start with herself going for the soup de jour, tomato and basil, both superb. For my main course I chose the Braised Lamb Shank which was cooked to perfection, it fell off the bone and melted in my mouth, the presentation was also top notch. My date went for the beef salad, and was not disappointed, very filling and with local ingredients adding to the rich taste of both of our meals. The Sweet Potato Fries are also a real treat.

We decided against desert as she was too full by that stage.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. I would advise to get there early as it gets busy particularly on a nice evening. Its location half way down Galway’s most cosmopolitan street is a massive advantage and thoroughly adds to the overall dining experience.

The only slight negative to the evening was that the cushion on my dates seat was pretty wet, which did cause slight dampness, but let’s be honest on a date with me that was pretty inevitable and being the perfect gentleman that I am, she was out of her wet clothes as soon as I got her home.

So lads here’s what you need to know:


Good value


Plenty of choice




Fast, very professional

Likelihood of fun after bringing her here…..Very good