“How’s your pain threshold” “Pretty high”

“Excellent….. don’t worry this is the good kind of pain, trust me you’ll enjoy this”


This isn’t the opening scene from the next 50 Shades movie it was the preamble to my massage in Red Carpet Beauty in Castlebar. A few weeks ago the lovely Sandra Kelly @abulshingcailin and I got chatting about the importance of massages particularly for top players like myself. Despite her diminutive stature she claimed that she’d be able to give me going over like nothing I’d experienced before.

Given that I have recently started a pretty intense fitness regime (which I will soon be blogging about) to be in top shape for the summer I was certainly in need of a decent massage. Sandra suggested that I should take a trip down to Castlebar for a treatment. I figured it was just an excuse for her hands on a hunk like me but if I have one weakness it’s that I can rarely say no to a beautiful blonde.

Some of the benefits of getting a sports massage include

Injury prevention & recovery; massaging the muscles stretches the tissue and improves circulation which in turn prevents or breaks down adhesion. A massage can also act to excrete fluids like nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous into the blood stream to aid repair.

Improves circulation; basically it stimulates blood flow which increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen, helping the body to repair itself from the inside. After a workout lactic and carbonic acid build up in the muscle a massage will help rid these and speed up recovery times.

Builds up muscle flexibility; Massaging can directly lead to improved performance by allowing the muscles to perform at their optimum levels. Massage can stretch tissues that could not be stretched in the usual methods. Bundles of muscle fibres are stretched lengthwise as well as sideways. Massage can also stretch the sheath or fascia that surrounds the muscle, so releasing any tension or pressure build up.

Psychological benefits; As well as the physical effects on the body, massage can also be very helpful psychologically. It releases endorphins, which are the body's natural "feel good" chemicals, giving you a natural high. Massage creates an overall feeling of wellbeing.

All credit to the Kelly and Sandra in www.redcarpetbeautycastlebar.com  I was treated like a VIP, it was definitely worth the trip into enemy territory, I’m already looking forward to my return trip

Lads take it from an expert, massages aren’t just for girlie weekends away they are an important part of looking after yourself.



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