Predictable outcomes, no spark, going through the motions for the sake of it, one sided affairs. Unless you spent the summer living under a rock you’ll have seen plenty examples of this and sadly the trend shows no sign of abating. Traditionalists will argue to the contrary but in my opinion unless the entire system is rejuvenated it’s doomed.

We can’t repeat the mistakes of past generations, let’s act now before relationships go down the route of the Catholic Church, Fianna Fail and the GAA.

As often is the case the solution is generally the simplest possible option. Ethical cheating is surging in popularity across the global and according to many commentators is the next step in the evolution of relationships. Let’s face it; monogamy equals monotony. The traditional “till death do us part” craic was fine back in the day but realistically the world has moved on and its time relationships did too. I’m simply taking about reframing perceptions as opposed to advocating an era of sexual recklessness.

What is ethical cheating and is it even cheating? It’s the best of both worlds, the thrill of something old and something new with none of the guilt of lying. According to Brandon Wade, the founder of dating site, which facilitates such relationships for couples, singles, or marrieds: “This involves telling a spouse that you are going to be unfaithful, or including the spouse in new, outside-the-marriage relationships”.

The way I see it is that it’s like an on the job training exercise. No matter how good you are at your job there are always new developments and better ways of doing things. Having an affair is basically sexual upskilling. Honestly, how many of us would pass the driving test if we sat it in the morning?  Dissenters will argue that you could simply watch a training video but realistically to acquire new skills doing is always better than watching.

Let’s look at it in a GAA context, there is always something special about certain pairings. Galway and Mayo are like a great couple, they have had a solid relationship down the years but at the moment they are in different places in their lives. Mayo have been hitting the gym while Galway have been hitting Supermacs and have started to let themselves go. Don’t get me wrong what they have is still special and sparks can fly when they get together but lately Mayo have a need that can only be fulfilled by getting under the covers with of the likes of Donegal, (who can blame Mayo I mean that accent is class.) Ultimately Mayo are off sowing their wild seeds so now its up to Galway to make more of an effort, to up their game and rekindle the passion.

Remember when you were young, when you only had two channels and the whole family crowded around the tv for Glenroe. Fast forward to today and people are binge watching series downloaded on a tablet through your tv via wireless connections. Society has changed, the GAA has changed, the way we watch tv has changed, perhaps we can change relationships for the better too. Even if it’s just a small change like giving the backdoor a go.

Remember folks don't hate the Galway Player....hate the Galway Game