Blogging has taught me a great deal, about myself, the world around me and the importance of looking after your skin. I have got to try lots of great brands and one of the best is without doubt Clairns. I was recently sent two new products by the legendary French brand.

The Clarins Men Hydra- Sculpt and UV Plus are due to hit the market this February. So basically the Hydra Sculpt has two purposes’ first to hydrate and firm your skin and in addition to redefine facial contours. It uses potent plant extracts to achieve its claimed results. I like the fact that it combines ten natural ingredients to create this product. It’s a serum and moisturiser in one, with two separate chambers in the tube so that the separate formulas don’t mix until you are ready to apply them to your face.  

According to tests carried out

•    90% Skin is hydrated immediately after application

•    88% Skin is revitalised after 4 weeks

•    75% Skin is firmer after 4 weeks


Along with the Hydra Sculpt I also received UV Plus, we all know how important it is to wear SPF but lets be honest Irish men are a disaster when it comes to protection our skin. It’s a handy little container that I have left in the front of my car so that I never forget to apply it in the mornings before I head into work. Its non-oily and has an anti-pollution complex which is handy. This retails at €47 but will last you a while. I have only started using these products so I will update this post when I get a better feel for them but so far so good.

Hydra Sculpt