We all do it, often to protect others, mostly to make life easier for ourselves. White lies are just as much a part of every day conversation as body language and tone. When it comes to dating particularly at the start, tactical lying is essential. Telling people what they want to hear is a skill, some guys excel at it but believe me its not just guys that like to bend the truth. Here are some of the biggest lies that girls tell guys. I’m not ready for a relationship. She’s not ready for a relationship with you, to be precise. Some guys are like a McDonalds meal, you think it’s exactly what you want but you shortly after having it you still feel unsatisfied. The trick to winning her affections is to tell her that you don’t want a relationship, particularly not with her. Ignoring her for extended periods also works a treat.

I don’t care how much you earn. What she really means here is how the hell you are going to support our children and my shoe addiction on the minimum wage. Women are forward thinkers, men use the Premiership fixtures to track time, women use their biological clocks. Being a woman is a competitive business, so when she’s describing you to the girls she needs to be able to sell you. Male friends just look at a girls Facebook profile picture before offer approval, her girls may stop short of Garda vetting.

I never normally do this. She just doesn’t want you to think she’s easy, which she obviously is. Just reassure her that you don’t either but it’s different with her you feel a real connection or some other nonsense. Recent surveys show that two thirds of Irish women have had one night stands, with a fifth of women sleeping with someone whose name they didn’t even know. Thankfully ttitudes towards sex have changed in Ireland. Sexual compatibility is critical to a happy relationship, therefore it makes sense establish whether you have a connection right from the off.

I dress for myself not to impress a man. This is only half a lie, women spend more time worrying about what the other girls think of their outfit that what a guy will think. If you’re showing plenty of leg, cleavage or both guys will like your outfit, end of. Women on the otherhand have an internal harddrive which stores information like how often she worn that outfit before, how much it cost, where she got it. The only answer this incredible fashion catalogue can’t provide is “Who does she think she is?”

I don’t want a bastard I want a nice guy. Still the ultimate lie that women tell us and themselves. Speaking from first hand experience I can solemnly tell you this is nonsense. Women love the challenge of a bad boy and the emotional rollercoaster it guarantees. Being unpredictable and playing by your own rules is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, treat them mean keep them keen.