An insatiable player or a hopeless romantic, there’s a very fine line let me tell you. The general consensus is that serial singletons like myself are sleazy bedhoppers merely looking for the next lay. Men and ladies (to a greater extent) sharing my nocturnal habits are often castigated for being selfish and troubled souls, yet in reality people are looking at this in the wrong way. I am on a quest for perfection, is that a crime, to want to settle down with in my eyes the dream partner who will love me for who I am and make me feel true happiness and contentment. I’ll admit that I’m taking the scenic route on the road to love. But if you think about it the girl that captures my heart will be able to take solace in the fact that the hundreds who had the opportunity in the past simply couldn’t compete with what she has to offer.

So what is the perfect woman, does she actually exist? Readers will now automatically assume that I am searching for a tall, blonde, gymnast, with that girl next door look yet a body built for the pages of a Victoria Secrets catalogue, the patience of a saint and an intuitive understanding of the offside rule. The answer would be yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for, so if you know her send me her details asap, cheers.

When it comes to looking for a long term partner, unfortunately you need to take personality traits into consideration, so here are some of the important one’s in case she doesn’t tick all the boxes previously outlined.

Intelligence: I’m not looking for debates on whether dark energy exists or not, however you don’t want to break into a cold sweat every time someone asks your other half a question either. Personally I’m going to throw, not watching brain rot like Made in Chelsea or Celebrity Big Brother into this category, viewers of these shows generally have R and L written inside their shoes.

Honesty; If you tell us that you are “fine” or “ok” then I will assume that this is what you mean, body language or tone may indicate otherwise but if you couldn’t be bothered to say “actually, no I would like to talk about….” You’re asking for trouble. Good communication is the key to a successful relationship and I’m not talking about emoji filled texts every two minutes or posting pictures of the pair of ye on Facbook hourly.

Independence; I think most Irish women aspire to be like their new heroine “No Wonder Woman” who changes into her pj’s with a quick twirl and uses magic jewellery to deflect interesting things from her life. I’m not looking for someone that never sits down, but nobody wants to date a bore that is less active than Arsenal in the transfer market.

Adaptable They say opposites attract and I really hope so because I’d hate to date the female version of me. When you meet someone for it to work you have to share some  interests and  beliefs but they can also introduce you to new interests as long as you are open minded. Don’t expect to drag a lad shopping all day if you’re not prepared to sit through seventy minutes of hurling.

Perfection is a very subjective term, sometimes I’m jealous of those who have found their perfect partner, other times I meet this partner and thank God I have higher standards than my mates.

Remember folks don't hate the Galway Player … hate the Galway Game