What Women Want

I get requests on a daily basis from guys for tips and tricks as to how to earn the affections of ladies on nights out. Every now and again I get furtively approached by more earnest gentlemen seeking advice geared toward a longer term dalliance. The answer to what women want isn’t just to be found in a Mel Gibson movie or any mirror I look in.

As we all know women are very rational and sensible creatures (lol jk)  so here is a list of the requirements that the average single lady desires in a potential partner. Just be all of these and trust me you’ll find the lady of your dreams in no time.

perfect man
perfect man

Be Honest: honesty is essential in any relationship and a sign of a good person. As well as being honest and trustworthy you should have an air of mystery and intrigue, it’s important to have a few secrets too.

Be intelligent: Girls like to have a guy that is smart, she doesn’t need google when he’s around, someone that’s street smart and has general knowledge, he knows his Glenfiddich from his Glenda Gilson. Having said that she doesn’t want to feel stupid around him so you shouldn’t be too clever, just the right amount.

Be Ambitious: Women are always looking at guys from a long term perspective, sure he can be hot or funny but does he have prospects. Ten minutes into your first tinder date shes wondering what primary school you’ll be able to afford to put your kids in. Hence a driven guy with a plan is preferable, she needs to see that you’re prepared to work hard for a good quality of life. The only thing is that this hard work shouldn't make you too busy or tired to spend time with her.

Be Understanding: Being a sympathetic listener is an admirable quality. We all face testing issues in our life on a regular basis; the perfect boyfriend will always be a shoulder to cry on and in his lady’s corner. At the same time you don’t want to be a walk over, nice is dull, if you always agree with her and never challenge her she’ll get bored and finish things.

Be Consistent: There’s something comforting about routine, so having a favourite drink, a favourite chair, the good morning text you could set your watch to. Consistency is great, but don’t ever become predictable, you need to be spontaneous and keep things fresh. “Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative” as another great Irish scribe once remarked.

Equipped with this knowledge perhaps your next first date will be your last, so remember; be honest but not too honest, be intelligent but not too intelligent, be ambitious but not too ambitious, be understanding but not too understanding, be consistent but not too consistent.....oh and just be yourself.

Remember don’t hate the Galway Player….hate the Galway Game