Given the amount of time that I spend in the bedrooms of beautiful Irish women, not to mention blogging events that I attend I’ve developed quiet an insight into the beauty regimes of the nations finest. One brand which seems to have taken the Irish market by storm is Cocoa Brown. Through eye catching branding, excellent products and clever marketing, it seems to be the go to product for ladies lately. You may be wondering why I’m discussing a fake tan company, given my outspoken views on the topic. Yes I have often used the national airwaves to voice my upset at the appalling applications I’ve encountered on my travels. However I have always maintained that well applied tan, does enhance a lady but I must stress well applied.

At the most recent Into the West Bloggers Networking event one of the many excellent gifts we received was Cocoa Brown’s Tough Stuff, body scrub. As anyone that knows me well will tell you I pay great care and attention to my skin care regieme….I mean look at me, its obviously working. Exfoliating is unfortunately an alien concept to some men. Basic hygiene is a struggle for many lads to be fair but its 2015 we need to get with the program and look after ourselves a bit better. Being clean shouldn’t be exclusive to the fairer sex.

This scrub is primarily aimed at removing fake tan, so unless I use it to wash my bed sheets that’s not an issue for me. Don’t let the girly packaging fool you this is proper hardcore stuff. It reminds me of a Swedish detective show, powerful, gritty and abrasive. You really feel it working as you apply….(please ladies stop trying to picture me in the shower) It left my skin feeling smooth and revitalised, I loved the sensation. Afterwards I felt like one of my dates, I could barley keep my hands off myself.



Tips For Guys

  • You should be exfoliating 2-3 times per weeks more than this could potentially weaken and damage the skin.
  • A body glove is a sensible investment the mesh fibres give the skin a great work out. The legs in particular require a more vigorous cleaning. Doesn’t worry there’s lots of types of gloves on the market not just the big pink one your girlfriend has.
  • Don’t forget the chest and back. A loofa sponge, one with a handle is perfect for the back, an area which often cause’s suffering and embarrassment due to neglect.
  • Always moisturise. Exfoliating can dry out already dry skin but the right moisturiser will compliment the process and enhance the new exposed fresh skin.

If you are going to buy one product to improve your skin care regime I would definitely recommend Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff which is available in Pennys, Boots Tesco, Cara Pharmacy to mention but a few…..