Welcome to the wonderful world of the Galway Player, Ireland’s topmale dating expert. I’m here to tell it like it is, using my observations and knowledge to educate and inform. I can tell you the ugly truth about dating so you avoid scoring ugly birds.

The early stages of any new relationship are always an interesting time. The little quirks and idiosyncrasies that will soon be more annoying than nails being dragged down a black board are still cute. You’re still learning about each other and actually interested in the dull stories about the girls in work or who wore what out at the weekend. Early days we are on our best behaviour and so it’s difficult to judge what someone is really like. The first few times you call over she looks like she’s about to strut her stuff on the Red Carpet a couple of weeks later she looks like an extra in Shameless.

A lot of problems will be avoided if you here one simple question on the first date, this theory has been extensively tested by leading experts and has starteled the scientific community with its simplicity and accuracy. All you have to do is ask her about her tv viewing habits. The psychology of how you watch a popular series is a wonderful window into the soul. Let me explain;

Traditionalist; If a girl likes to watch a show once a week when its on tv, she’s a traditionalist. She’s proper old school, I’m talking waiting ages before you get any she’ll have the Bridget Jones knickers on the first few dates since you definitely won’t be seeing them. She’s all about meeting the parents and taking things slow.

Binge Watchers; We all know people that find a series and fall head over heels in love with that series. Instantly they are all about this series, they’re not around for soccer with the lads or for nights out with the girls; until, all of a sudden they series is finished and they come crawling back to those friends that were dumped more unceremoniously that Roscommon out of the Championship.

TV Addicts; Some people will watch any rubbish just for the sake of it. They feel lost if they can’t throw in there two cents on the most recent goings on. They would literally watch anything just to have something to have something to go home to. Often times that series isn’t right for them, they could do a lot better if they didn’t rush into things. There’s a series for everyone but you need to be selective.

Commitment phobes; Personally I don’t have time to settle down with a show right now. You see a few minutes of a show and hear so much about them that you decide to watch one or two but after the first few times I’m hit with the realisation that for the foreseeable future its just me and this series at home alone for who knows how long, I’ll need to listen to it concentrate on it, set time aside for it, its not going to happen.

Once your date divulges their telly routine you will know for the get go if you could become a modern family and have a cool story for your kids about how I met your mother, because she suits you or maybe you’ll just be friends because your humour was lost on her and your put on the blacklist or she could be the mentalist date you ever had.

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