In case you missed my segment on 2fm with Chris Greene and Ciara King here are the new words that I expect to see added to the Oxford Online Dictionary in the coming months. Clunge Sponge: A man who engrosses ladies and absorbs their attention. Extremely charming and suave examples Pharrell Williams George Clooney and the Galway Player

Wetzer: Extremely attractive man, his looks are enough to physically excite ladies. Gets them dripping like a George Foreman. Examples Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and the Galway Player

Semi Double D: Phase coined after Celtic Tiger Property Crash. Refers to an acquisition which on the face appears fully furnished but on closer inspection is not as well built as originally perceived. Push Up Bras generally to blame.

Rock Block: after assessing a beautiful woman, single men of a certain age will draw attention to the ladies ring finger. An engagement ring will (sometimes) put paid to potential fornication.

Holemate: a sexual partner with whom you have a special connection. Extremely compatible between the sheets, not so much elsewhere.

FiPi: The opposite to Princess Fiona of Shrek fame. This refers to the practice of having the company of a beautiful lady on a nigh out only to wake up beside what resembles an ogre.

The An individual who deems it necessary to post every single mundane activy on at least on social media platform

Don’t hate the Galway Player….hate the Galway Game